• Standard installation of residential “for sale” signs: In the ground with the realtor’s material provided by the realtor.
  • Wall installation of residential 1 face or V-shaped signs with or without a ladder (2nd story max.)*
  • Installation of “open house” signs and arrows. The request for the installation of the arrows must be done at least 72hours in advance. The request to retreive the arrows must be on the same request or on a new on, if not the arrows will not be retreived.
  • Installation of residential signs on balcony.*
  • Installation of residential 1 face or V-shaped signs with or without a ladder on a balcony. (3rd story max.)
  • Installation of signs with an appointment, a precise date, on week-ends and emergencies.
  • Installation of key boxes.
  • Retreiving of your residential signs.
  • Storage for your signs.
  • Maintenance of your signs.
  • Delivery or pick-up of your material.
  • Materials for rent or for sell. (posts and ancrage)
  • Add-ons for rent or for sell. (e.g.: sold, for rent, etc.)

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Note : Additionnal costs apply for all non-standard installations.
*Additionnal costs for plastic fasteners and hardware needed for non-standard installations.
Pancarte Express guarantees that your online request will be completed in accordance with the requested time limit.